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The James Webb Space Telescope is the Future of Astronomy

The James Webb space telescope uses unseen infrared sensitivity, and is able to look back in time 13.5 billion years to see the earliest galaxies born after the big bang!

Virginia’s Adolescents Won’t Be Eligible For Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine Until the CDC Approves It

On Monday, May 9, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration modified their Emergency Use Authorization on Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine so that teenagers ages 12-15 could get it as well. This is a major milestone in the fight against Covid, but not everyone can get the vaccine right away.

Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe Breaks two Incredible Records

On April 29, when Parker was at it's closest to the sun, which is known as the Perihelion, the solar probe was going so fast that it could circle the Earth 13 times in a single hour!

Could Children Ages 12-15 Get the Vaccine?

On April 9th, Pfizer requested the FDA to modify their EUA (emergency use authorization) so that teens ages 12-15 could get the vaccine as well. 

Ingenuity, The First Space Helicopter is Set to Fly on Mars

But what you may not know is that Perseverance wasn't alone. Stored in its belly is a small helicopter drone named Ingenuity.

Synthetic Biology: A New Era

Now, some engineers have begun to tinker with DNA, experimenting and gradually figuring out how to code it, much like how people can program computers.
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