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Axial Tilt

The four seasons are caused by the axial tilt of the earth, also called obliquity, but what if the axial tilt of the earth changed?

The 5 Types Of Writing Systems

Writing systems can be divided into 5 main categories: Alphabets, Abjads, logo-syllabaries, Syllabaries, and Abugidas. Below are descriptions of what each one is. Alphabets Alphabets are systems where...

The History Of Tetris

Tetris was a video game developed by Alexey Pajitnov in the soviet union during the cold war era.

The Coriolis Effect Explained

The Coriolis effect describes the difference in speeds of an object rotating on the outside of a circle compared to another object.

Fishery Officers

What do Fishery officers do? Fishery officers patrol, enforce, and educate. They patrol the coast, rivers, and beaches for any illegal activities like fishing without a permit, overfishing, and ignoring...

How the Suez Canal got Clogged

How did the Suez Canal get clogged? Check out this story to find out.

The Fastest Manmade Object

What was the fastest self-propelled man-made object? Was it a rocket ship, was it a missile, or was it a manhole cover?

The War on Goats

Many species can only be found there, like the Galapagos Tortoise. In 1959 three goats got on to the main island, and then around 14 years later, those three goats multiplied to an estimated 30,000.

Platypus Are Weird

Overview Platypuses are weird animals. They seem to have been an inbreeding of several different animals plus a flurry of other weirdness. For example, platypuses are mammals but they lay eggs and they...

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