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The Apple M3 Lineup CPU’s

Apple’s Flagship CPUs
The Apple M3

What is a CPU?

CPU stands for the central processing unit.  The CPU is like the brains of the computer. Every single computer in the modern era has a CPU.  A CPU has cores and threads. Most of the time while buying a CPU, you’ll see 6 cores 12 threads, or 10 cores 20 threads. A core is one unit within the CPU that executes functions. Thus the more cores the more power, and most of the time in a CPU there will  2 threads for each core. A thread is a sequence of functions. The CPU is like the computer’s brain and is the computer’s most important part.

What’s the Apple M3 lineup?

The Apple M3 lineup consists of the regular M3, M3 pro, and M3 max. The M3 has 8 cores and 16 threads, the M3 pro has 12 cores and 24 threads, and the M3 max is rocking 16 cores and 32 threads. Some computers will require a dedicated GPU for it to run, but in the case of the M3, it doesn’t require a GPU as it has integrated graphics. So no graphics card is needed. The chip has 10 CPU cores, but only 8 for the cheaper version, but the CPU only supports Wi-Fi-6E, not the Wi-Fi-7.  The M3 also uses 20 watts of power which isn’t very much. It also uses 3nm which should make the M3 much faster theory.


Is the M3 Macbook any good?

On paper, the 3nm technology should have been a huge leap for Apple Macbooks, but Apple cut corners on the M3. They cut down on the MB and transistor and also halved the memory from the Macbook, from 16 to 8. For the M3 pro, you will have to pay 100 dollars more, 16 GB of RAM will cut you back 2o0 dollars, and 400 for 24. For storage 512 GB will cost 200 dollars more and gets increasingly more overpriced for 1tb and 2 tbs. But as inflation rises so does the price of technology.


Is the M3 Macbook right for me?

The M3 compared to the older generations, such as the M2 and M1 is much more powerful. Even though Apple didn’t utilize the full potential of the 3nm technology it is still a step in the right direction. The M3 is perfect for a large group of people, from teachers to video editors. But might be limited for some people for its price tag. As for the specs, 8GB of RAM is still plenty to play your favorite games or edit YouTube videos and has plenty of storage for everyday needs. If you don’t have $ 1000 to spend on the M3 Macbook, go with the M1 which is much cheaper and has the baseline features of a Macbook.

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