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$7 DIY Changes the Future of Cancer Drug Testing

A cheap DIY impacted the future of Cancer Drug Testing and unlocked new possibilities

A large breakthrough in technology revolutionizes anti-cancer drug testing. 

         This breakthrough was first discovered by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is a Brigham healthcare system member. They developed a cheap alternative that helps solve the challenges of generating uniform tumor spheroids for high-throughput screening of anticancer drugs. Tumors are complex 3-dimensional structures and researchers have faced many challenges while constructing them. They are labor-intensive and lack high delivery.

This new innovative approach costs less than $7 to assemble and prevents these challenges from occurring. This cheap alternative is extremely important since the price normally serves as a barrier throughout cancer drug testing. The force from a cell phone’s coin-vibrating motor breaks up suspension in cancer cells creating uniformed droplets. These cancer cells are then formed into tumor spheroids during culture. This original approach allows tumor spheroids to be formed consistently. It can generate up to 4,000 tumor spheroids per minute. Additionally, this device enhances the reliability of preclinical tests. 

         This DIY (do-it-yourself) device can have an enormous impact on the future of cancer drug testing and can unlock unknown possibilities.


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