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The Biden administration provides $16.4 billion in new funding for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor

Amtrak has received up to $16.4 billion in funding to modernize the aging Northeast Corridor, one of the busiest rail routes in the United States

Joe Biden has announced more than $16 billion dollars in new funding to improve Amtrak’s aging Northeast Corridor, the nations busiest passenger rail line. The new funding is part of the $66 billion allocated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill for rail, and will help increase speeds, modernize tracks, and allow for larger capacity throughout the corridor.

25 rail projects are set to be funded under this grant.

Major projects to be funded are the Hudson River tunnel, which is set to receive $3.8 billion to expand and repair the decrepit tunnel, helping increase speeds and service between New York and New Jersey, $4.7 billion is allocated for the Fredrick Douglas Tunnel, one of the lines biggest bottlenecks and will increase speeds from 30 mph to 110 mph, and $2.1 billion to replace a rail bridge crossing Susquehanna River in Maryland, allowing for higher speeds throughout the corridor.

“If this line were to shut down for one day, it would cost the American economy $100 million a day,”

— Joe Biden

During his tenure as Delaware Senator, Joe Biden traveled over 1 million miles on Amtrak on his daily commute to Washington D.C. Sometimes called “Amtrak Joe”, Biden has pushed for more spending on rail projects compared to his predecessors.

As the 2024 elections are coming up, Joe Biden is using his infrastructure wins to show his case of why he should be reelected. This is the 3rd time Biden has touted improving the Northeast Corridor.

“The president is a train guy. He believes strongly in improving America’s passenger rail and he knows the Northeast Corridor like no one else,” said White House infrastructure czar Mitch Landrieu.


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