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The New CAN Go Smart Cane

New smart cane that can track fall detection, flashlight, emergency calls, and so much more
Image of a blind man with no smart cane

Ahmad Alghazi wanted to create a technology for seniors that helps them move around safely. Ahmad Alghazi found a solution to this problem by creating a smart cane that detects harm, and helps elders move around. One amazing advancement in assistive technology that can help people with vision impairments become more mobile and independent is called CAN Go. CAN Go is a smart cane that uses cutting a technology to give Blind and Visually Impaired people safer and more effective way to navigate.

One of the features is obstacle detection to identify a obstacle in the user’s route. CAN Go uses ultrasonic sensors, to alert the users of a obstacles. CAN Go vibrates or emits audible cues which help avoid obstacles. CAN Go increases safety by assisting users in identifying barriers and confidently navigating their environment. CAN Go lowers the likelihood of accidents, CAN Go also gives the individual more Independence. The smart canes navigational feature makes it easier for people to travel freely and get where they’re going. It also informs users with real-time information including the location of neighboring restaurants, public transportation stops, and open seat parks.  CAN Go is a example of how engineering and technology can make an impact on the lives of people with disabilities.



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