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How Your Liver Works

How Your Liver works step by step.

The liver works kind of like a filter for your body. after your stomach and intestines absorb nutrients, the liver works to break down nutrients and make the nutrients useful for use inside your cells. it makes the blood non-toxic and easier for the rest of the body to absorb. This is also where the pills you swallow get processed. the liver also balances and creates nutrients. Now that you know how the liver works here is how to keep it healthy!

  • keep alcohol consumption low
  • keep away from toxins
  • wash produce
  • don’t get hepatitis A, B, or C
  • exercise
  • eat healthy

your liver is made up of four main lobes;

  • large right lobe
  • left lobe
  • caudate lobe
  • quadrate lobe
Frog Liver For Example




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