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Drone Soccer

The Sport of the Future
Drone Soccer Launch Teaser
Source: Greg @ Rachel Lowe Photography

What is drone soccer? Drone soccer is a sport where you have drones protected with a round plastic cage. It is a full contact sport because all the drones ram each other out of the way. They do not fall easily because they are strong and high quality. The field is a netted off zone that is (10 x 10 x 20ft). It is played 5 flyers and 5 other members to help with support. The games are played in sets of 3 each 3 minutes.

The goal is to fly your drones in to the other teams hoop while getting bumped and shoved by other drones defending. Each time one of your drones goes through a hoop you score a point and go back to reset by every working drone going back on to their side.

Drone soccer is a great sport to improve teamwork, programming, STEM, and other great skills to have. The can be sold everyone but targeting schools who can use them for engineering projects or leagues that get people together to assemble a team and play games against other people. Although the drones are pricy at around $600 per student/player they are durable and reusable. There is even a U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship where top teams from the smaller leagues go head to head.

Overall drone soccer is a new sport that is slowly gaining traction due to its fast paced, futuristic sport that is enjoyable to watch and play.





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