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AI In Schools

AI is being used for cheating in schools


Photo from: OpenAI

Artificial intelligence is a useful resource if used correctly. It can do jobs faster than any person can, and it does just about everything you ask it to. However, AI is becoming a problem, especially in schools. Students are using Chat GPT, one of the most powerful AI, to write assignments rather than put the effort into writing them themselves. Teachers use AI detectors to search the students’ writing for traces of AI-written text, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes detectors don’t pick up AI text, or they think that articles are written by Chat GPT when they are not. That is spoiling this generation, teaching them that it is okay to cheat and not put any effort into their work. Once they finish school and apply for a job, they won’t know the necessary skills to succeed in life. That will create a large reliance on AI, which could be a challenge to overcome. AI is not as creative as human writers, and it cannot feel emotions, so emotional writing could be a challenge to it. For more on AI in the job market, see related articles.

AI is creating a massive problem in schools that needs to be solved. Some solutions include making in-school writing timed so the students don’t have time to go home and use AI. Another is making the writing on pencil and paper.Many solutions are out there, but none of them have proven to be effective. Although AI has many aspects to it that could be bad, AI could still be used for good. Students who struggle in writing could use AI in some parts of their writing or to help inspiration for what to write. AI is one of those things that can be good if used well. Instead of eliminating AI from school environments, you could instead teach students to use AI with good intentions rather than for evil purposes. AI could destroy the school community, or it could make it a much better place for everyone. In summary, artificial intelligence is being used to cheat on schoolwork. However, it can still be used for good.



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