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The Complexity of Olympic Stadiums

Olympic Stadiums Over the Years
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When talking about Olympic Stadiums there’s no better place to start then the 2012 London games. A year ago marked the ten year anniversary. Before they built the stadium they had to tear down 220 buildings and relocate many businesses and stores. After tearing down the building they re-used 90% of the materials. The athletic arena was built so it would be easy to disassemble. The aquatics center costed 269 euros and was very far from the athletics arena. The velodrome and the BMX track survived the destruction and still serve as part of Velo park in London. The 2012 London olympic games were legendary and left a staple on how olympic stadiums should be. The stadium serves as West Ham United’s stadium and also hosts concerts and rugby matches.

The truth is that there is an engineering design process for building an olympic stadium. Even in 1896 the Greek had to build a stadium new despite only performing amongst themselves. In order to build the stadium you need many engineers such as structural engineers to create the structure, computer engineers for the lighting and scoreboard, mechanical engineers for air conditioning and water flow, environmental engineers to make sure how the stadium will pollute and affect bird migration and homes, chemical engineers to make sure that it’s sanitary and many more engineers. All of these engineers play their parts to design and hire workers to build it.


What sports are played inside the Olympic stadium?

First I’ll tell you what the olympic stadium is. In the summer it is the main stadium that contains a field and a track. Javelin, shot put, hammer throw, soccer championship, long jump, high jump, pole vaulting, and more are played on the field. Track races, relays, and hurdles are done on the track.

How long does it take to build an Olympic Stadium?

Around 10-15 years before the olympic city gets chosen. Construction usually takes place 3-6 years before the games. Planning starts way before that.

How much do Olympic stadiums cost?

Olympic stadiums used to cost close to 500 million. Recent olympic stadiums can cost short of 2 billion like the recent stadium in Tokyo.

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