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PlayStation4 Controller Vs PlayStation5 Controller

One man’s opinion

I have always wondered if the next generation of gaming would be better than the old generation, but one of the important things in console gaming is a controller. I’m not siding with any company, but Xbox controllers are more durable than PlayStations. I’m not talking about that today, we will see if the next generation of PlayStation controllers are better than the old generation, so let’s get started. So the DualSense controller has a better vibration that makes the game feel “Alive” and Adaptive triggers. For example, if you’re playing a shooter like Cod, it will feel like you’re pulling the trigger of a gun. The DualSense is also bigger than the DualShock, so keep note of that, but overall, it’s better in terms of ergonomics and build quality.  Also, it has a longer lifespan than the dual shock, with 417 hours of use, and the DualShock has 400 hours. Anyway, let’s look at the DualShock controller. The Dualshock pretty much has all of what the Dual Sense does except it is lesser quality and is smaller, so with not that much to work with, let’s see the pros and cons for both controllers:

PS4 Controller Pros and Cons:                                                  PS5 Controller Pros and Cons:

PROS:                                                                                                PROS: 

. Solid, High-quality build                                                                    .  Adaptive triggers

.  ergonomic                                                                                             . Innovated aesthetic qualities

. Quiet and responsive D-pad                                                               . You can change the faceplate of the controller

. Accurate and comfortable analog sticks                                           . Boasted haptic feedback

. Plenty of extra features                                                                         . Built-in microphone

. Built-in speaker                                                                                      . you can make and edit videos using the controller

CONS:                                                                                                   CONS:

. Triggers feel slippy                                                                                  . The battery life isn’t great

. Light bar cannot be disabled                                                                 .  Bigger change of getting stick drift

. Not every feature available on PC                                                         . No dedicated pairing button

. Its fairly heavy







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