Robot Waiters In Restaurants

Robot waiters serve in restaurants
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Restaurant Uses Robotic Waiter

RRobots are evolving and one day they might even replace humans in jobs. This is a fear in some people’s opinion and for some people, this is the future of technology. New reports of robots doing human jobs aren’t too common, as technology is evolving.

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Robot waiter

In Japan, there is a cafe which uses robots as waiters. These robots are used to serve and deliver food to the right person. It is designed to track where seats and tables are to navigate to the right table, avoiding obstacles using sensors and 3D cameras. This can help with hot or cold plates, which can be helpful for some restaurants. They were invented in 1983 in California and from there, it evolved to be better. It was most effective in COVID-19 times where physical distance was critical, although robots were effective during COVID times, there was a mass shortage because of COVID.

Although robot waiters might sound cool, some cons come with them. Restaurant owners have complained that they are not as good as real human waiters. Soup may cause spills as the robots move, which might cause a malfunction in robots. Customers also may cause inconvenience, knocking over these robots and getting hurt. Restaurants also complained that the robots need to be watched, which makes workers work more.

Robots in restaurants are still getting better and evolving, so these problems might not occur later in technology. Right now these robots are still capable of doing many things like serving tables and avoiding obstacles,  but they still have problems. These robot waiters are 1 step closer to create a more automated society.


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