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Which Is Faster: Nascar Or Formula 1

Which of these racing cars is faster

Before we can answer this question we have to compare budgets because while both kinds of racing have rather large budgets F1’s budget is a substantial amount bigger. While NASCAR’s budget is about 7 million dollars and their cars coming in at about 1.5 million dollars. F1’s budget is over 300 dollars while each car costs about 9 million dollars. We also need to talk about the fact that F1 has a much larger amount of people especially compared to NASCAR which has about three hundred while F1 has around 3,000-5,000.

Now for the big question which is faster F1 cars go roughly 355 miles per hour while Nascars go about 305 miles per hour so the gap between the two is actually not that big. There is another difference between the two which is a lot greater the 0-60 time Nascars have a zero to 60 time of 3.4 seconds while f1’s zero to 60 is 2.6 seconds which is a very large improvement from Nascars time but the cars would actually be pretty even if they had the same body because with NASCAR’s you could see their body shape out the road anywhere but with F1’s you would only see it if it was a publicity stunt done by one of the teams. Nascars also have the classic four seats obviously there aren’t chairs there but they still have the area where they belong.


In conclusion F1 cars are faster and are better built.

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