New York City is Sinking But Why?

Why NYC is sinking.


By: Andrew Ma, Jouranlist

Have you ever been to a big city? New York City in particular? Well, NYC is currently sinking and us humans are the cause of it. The weight of all of the buildings and skyscrapers are making New York City sink. The entire weight of all of the buildings in New York City combined is 1.86 trillion pounds. It is called subsidence and it happens in places where the ground is compressed. The rate of the sinking is 1 to 2 millimeters per year, but this will eventually add up over time. It is projected to sink 8 up to 50 inches by the year 2050. The average elevation of the southern part of New York City is 1 to 2 meters. This is a huge problem because with the city sinking, the water levels are rising soon. This also makes huge storms a threat to the city since the more it sinks and the more the sea levels rise, there will be more of a threat of a flood to occur. It isn’t just New York City that is sinking Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is also sinking and it is projected that 1/3 of the city will be submerged in water by the year 2050. In conclusion New York City is sinking, but to counter this they could build their buildings on the most solid bedrock.




One way that can reduce the risk of NYC sinking.