Matrix One Building Is Almost 100% Reusable

About the recent change of the Matrix One building


By: Annelise Hartlage, Journalist

This new building” Matrix One” is able to be taken apart and dismantled. With many eco friendly and flexible components, it is one of the most eco friendly buildings in the world.

A new building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is shocking. “Matrix One” was purposely made as a lab and a office building that can be easily used, taken apart, and remodeled. The property is also very energy efficient and has other components that make the invention one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

The Matrix Innovation Center in Amsterdam Science park has seven buildings, and “Matrix One” is their largest one. The building provides a perfect environment for scientists to be able to collab and work together for more challenges to come.

This building has a huge interior area that is 140,000 square foot that is a on a total of 6 floors. It is part of many sustainable firms such as Photanol and Skytree. It includes what architects call a “social staircase” that has many seating areas and tables for meetings and breaks. For a soundproof building, the interior design has green walls and felt finishes. There is a restaurant and a 100 seat auditorium.

Matrix One was designed to have a flexible design that is able to be reconfigured and taken apart because of the accessible screws and bolts  for fastening and exposed air ducts. The interior walls are able to be removed, for a diverse interior layout. There is also an online material database for about 120,000 building components for future reference.

“Matrix One offered an excellent opportunity to test several of the carbon reduction strategies,” says MVRDV partner Frans de Witte. “The building also acknowledges that the state-of-the-art is constantly changing. SO the interior spaces are as flexible as possible so that rooms can be modified to become labs.”

This building is a new approach to flexible architecture/building, and is eco friendly with many components that is the start of new sustainable buildings.


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