How Gaming Peripherals Have Changed

The evolution of gaming peripherals overtime – from joysticks to VR sets


By: Annelise Hartlage, Journalist

The industry of gaming has changed so much overtime from Pong and Space invaders to Minecraft and Fortnite. Over the years, games have evolved so much because of the advancement in graphics and technology.

In this never ending evolution, gaming peripherals have been a crucial part of the gaming experience. The devices are an extension of the player and can create a interactive and immersive gaming experience. From Joysticks to VR gloves, the peripherals  have become a indispensable tool for gamers.

Early gaming peripherals such as joysticks had a effective shaping so they gave better control to the player. It was developed in 1908 for aircraft pilots to control ailerons and elevators. Then is was used for gaming later.

Light guns were all popular in gaming in that time – despite their use in arcade games. These devices were enjoyable in arcade-style shooting games on home consoles. Light guns allowed players were able to aim and shoot targets on the screen for a exciting shooting experience.

The history of gaming peripherals: From joysticks to VR gloves     With advancements happening, newer peripherals like gamepads, keyboards, flight sticks, have emerged for ways to enjoy and experience gaming.

With flight sticks, similar to joysticks have a design to mimic aircraft controls. This allows the player to navigate the skies in flight simulation.

With the rise of VR and augmented reality games have reached another level of immersion. VR peripherals such as head mounted displays, motion sensors, and handheld controller aim to create a immersive experience that allows the player to explore virtual worlds and make it feel real.

Before AR and VR, other gaming devices have already introduced immersive experiences. The Wii Remote, made for Nintendo Wii in 2006, allowed the player to throw punches and swing swords using physical movements. The motion controllers built in would track the movements and change them to in-game movements.


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