Scientists Make A New Cure For Death Cap Poisoning

How a new antidote may cure death cap poisoning


By: Walker McCann, Journalist


Death Cap Mushroom Cure

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a newly developed antidote called indocyanine green that can reduce the toxicity of α-amanitin. A-amanitin is a toxin produced by the death cap mushroom which is one of the world’s most poisonous fungus. This is crucial as death cap poisonings are the cause of over 90% of the globes mushroom related deaths.

Qiaoping Wang and his associates are responsible for the creation of this new cure. They used genome-wide CRISPR screening for the purposes of identifying molecular targets for the toxin. Because of this, we now know protein STT3B is needed for α-amanitin toxicity. Then, they put on a virtual drug screening to locate indocyanine green as an inhibitor of STT3B that can stop liver toxicity.

Side Effects of Death Cap Mushroom on Humans
Some symptoms of death cap mushroom poisoning are low blood pressure, vomiting and  nausea . After up to 24 hours have gone by, the symptoms seem to clear and you can feel normal for up to 72 hours.
The Effect of Death Cap Mushroom on the Environment
The death cap mushroom has a relationship with specific tree roots, like hornbeams and oaks, which means that they give and take nutrients. “It’s a mycorrhizal fungus, so it’s one of those fungi that people hear about that associate with trees and provide benefits to trees in exchange for carbon compounds,” John Pringle once said.




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