Difference Between The Xbox Series S Controller And The Xbox One S Controller

Xbox One Controller And Xbox Series S Controller Differences.



By: Erickson Estrada, Journalist

The Xbox Series S is the latest Xbox console but what is so different about its controller compared to the Xbox One? Well, starting, the Xbox Series S has an extra button between what I call the two pause buttons, but what is its purpose? While you’re playing any game, if you so happen to press the button it takes a screenshot automatically, yep that’s what it does. It takes a screenshot for you, but if you hold the button, it takes a clip. The one thing about it is its placement. If you’re like me, I look at the screen while using the controller – I mean who doesn’t – but sometimes I accidentally press the flipping button and it takes a screenshot and it wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t right next to the pause buttons but it’s not that deep. So next difference is the bumpers, the bumpers on the Xbox One felt plasticity while on the Xbox Series S was more smooth they both still break easily if you keep mashing them also the Xbox Series S bumpers and triggers are all white while the Xbox One bumpers and trigger where all black so they changed the color there. The next difference is the D-pad the D-pad on the Xbox Series S has a round outside and is also smooth but the Xbox One doesn’t have that round outside and feels like the D-pad but they both work the same nothing has changed there except one feeling better to use than the other. not sure if this is a difference but the home button with the little Xbox logo and I don’t know if it’s for all controllers but my Xbox Series S black Controllers home button feels kinda stuck not as loose as the other ones that’s either just the black controller itself or its just my specific controller. The final difference that I have noticed is the bottom of the controller on the Series S there is a little grip for holding the controller better I’m not sure if that’s what it’s for but the Xbox One controller doesn’t have it and that’s it those are all the differences I have noticed but there’s probably more.