Boeing v Airbus

How two prominent aircraft manufacturers fare against each other


Source: Dave Sizer

“Boeing 777X First Flight” by Dave Sizer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Cristian Reinaga Claros, Journalist

Boeing and Airbus are two aircraft manufacturers with control over the same market but in different areas of the world.

Boeing: A American company started in 1916 when a person name William E. Boeing founded the Pacific aero products company, which was called for precisely a year as he changed it to Boeing Airplane Company in 1917, which would spin off into Boeing Aircraft and transportation corporation, which in 1931 would merge with four smaller aircraft groups which would eventually create United Airlines. In 1960, the company gained Vërtop Aircraft Corporation, the most prominent independent Helicopters manufacturer. And during the 1960s-1970s, they would diversify industries to grow bigger and not just be aircraft corporations. In 1995, they partnered with the Russian, Ukrainian, and Galo Norwegian organizations to make Sea Launch. And would become more extensive as they expand their reach, with them growing to the Canadian, Australian, Indian, Japanese, and British Markets.

Airbus: It started in 1970 after GIE (Economic interest groups), Which eventually led to more spin-offs, and in 2005, they made the world’s most giant commercial plane. And in the 2000s, they would have a mess as they are usually owned by other companies instead of Boeing, where they own themselves. Airbus has a different luck. And carry the more expensive airlines like Fly Emirates and Qatar Airways.

It all depends on your opinion and how you view the two. Overall, it depends: If you want to say the more luxurious and fancier out of the 2, it’s Airbus, but if for the cheaper and more accessible, then it would be Boeing. Another thing is that Astrolabes’ FLEX has partnered with SpaceX to create the most capable rover ever to touch the moon’s surface. This rover will be massive. It weighs about 2 tons, and the papers have been signed, and the details of this agreement will be posted.



If you have the money, you could fly on planes manufactured by one of the two brands.