Rare Earth Metals Can Create Futuristic Tech

Rare Earth Metals make up close to everything we see in a everyday life and more.



By: William Bohoney, Journalist

Rare Earth Metals

We all know the periodic table but did you know that one whole row if full of rare Earth metals?

These are lanthanides and range from atomic number 57 to 71. They can do many things and required for transforming crude oil to products and Nuclear Reactors rely on these materials as well.

Magnets and Luminescence

But on the most important parts is the luminescence and magnetism. These rare earth metals are in your phones screen, they are the part of a dollar that shines back. Not only that but these metals make the strongest magnets in the world like the NIB. The NIB is a 3 kilogram magnet that can hold up to 100 times its weight. Also these metals create the magnetic fields in a MRI. Samarium-cobalt magnets also form the heart of the devices used to boost signals emitted by most radar systems and communications satellites. Some of these rare-earth-based signal boosters are transmitting data from the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Launched in September 1977, that craft is the most distant human-made object already more than 14 billion miles aa large white machineway.

These materials are incredibly important to everything and are currently under development as parts in quantum computers.

Last but not least these metals can be used for green energy like wind power and electric vehicles. These metals are costly to find but very important for the future of the Earth.





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