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Snowboard Tech.

How the Snowboard Has Changed
Source: Ludovic PŽron

There have now been many variations ever since the “original” snowboard made by Sherman Poppen’s, who is widely regarded to have been the one who evolved the concept of a piece of wood strapped on to your feet with no wheels and has definitely made an advance if sports engineering.

The “Snowboard” has been around for a little under a century but only got popular around the 1980s and 90s. The technology and engineering of snowboards and have definitely come a long way, from implementing lighter and more durable wood cores to better last the chilling environment, to better and better carbon laminates that line the insert and the edge for a stiff but durable board.

Some of the new innovations in snowboards are the introduction to Rockers and Cambers.


– Cambers have four contact points, areas were the snow is near the most like the side edges of the nose and tail of the board for more turning control but less turn speed.

– Cambers have a semi-disinct wave shape curving up and down from the nose to the tail

– Cambers also arch upwards at the center between the bindings/the feet strap.

–¬†Cambers gives you more pressure on the contact points, allowing more edge to be touching the snow therefore providing better edge grip when


– Rockers on the other hand has a shape that curves more upwards towards the nose and tail

– Rocker have less contact points meaning you can turn faster do to the snow only touch the center of the board but you sacrifice turn control in the process.

– Rockers have a distinct banana like shape

– Contact points of a rocker do vary from brand to brand.


This relates to engineering because it took engineers to make these improved designs, and it will take engineers to improve it in the future.


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