Scientist Use Microwaves to Extract Water From The Lunar Soil

How to extract water from the lunar soil? Scientists try microwaves


“playing with water 7” by wester is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

By: Oscar Alvarado Mendoza, Journalist

Water can be found in many locations in the lunar surface. Some Scientist have evidence that water can be found in grains of the surface of lunar dust. The moon has enough water to be able to support a future lunar colony. However, the water is not drinkable or able to be used in other things.

Researchers from Open University and from the University of Central Florida proposed an easy method to extract water. If an astronaut is thirsty, they can just get Moon Soil and put it in the microwave and boom! they have water.

According to a report , This technology is based on the principle that water molecules become highly  excited when exposed to microwave heat. When its heated , the microwave makes the water molecules in the material heated to migrate to the surface.

However, This case also revealed that this method may be less effective on materials with high water content. The finding of this study could be instrumental in determining the optimal approach for extracting water ice deposits in permanently shadowed religions at the lunar poles for future scientific and technical missions.


This way was tested on two demonstrations of simulated lunar soil samples on this study: lunar highlands (LHS-1) and lunar mare region (LMS-1). Following that, the researchers assessed how efficiently water could be extracted from samples with varying levels of ice content.