The mysterious life of a capybara.


By: Kevin Alay, Journalist

The capybara is a giant rodent from South America, and is the biggest of its kind. The capybara is related to guinea pigs, cavies, etc, with a short head, reddish-brown fur, and a hefty barrel-shaped body. For some reason, the capybara was categorized as a… fish. Capybaras are really good swimmers they take nice long naps around the river banks and in the water, fun fact capybaras can hold their breath for 5 minutes underwater! Capybaras can also have up to 8 kids! They also have webbed feet and 4 chambered stomachs! also, they can swim quickly away from predators underwater and escape.

The capybara lives up to 7-8 years (in the wild ), they are mammals, and their diet is mostly plants so there herbivores they usually way from 77 – 143 pounds and they are up to 4.3 feet long and their height is about 2 feet and their scientific name is Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris.


a close up of a capybara laying on the ground

Their basic diet is aquatic plants and grass and other enriched proteins plants, have you ever woken up and eaten the first thing you saw? Well, Capybaras eat their feces, in other words, poo. They eat their feces in the morning because they’re rich in proteins and they’re good for them, well that’s their breakfast and that means they digest their feces more than once
Capybaras are really social animals and live in big groups of up to 40 and don’t mind being alone either they are friendly animals and are social. Their breeding seasons change around the year it depended on what habits/places they are in and how much are ready to mate. females usually have 4-6 young per year. Capybaras are reviewed they have a stable population but in some places they kill capybaras for their skin and have been cleaned from that area.











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