RL Mechanics

Rocket league mechanics are complex and refined


Rocket League is a car soccer game with a large community in esports. The game has many different mechanics that are effective in games, and honestly, they just look pretty cool. There is a large branch of what you can learn, but the most basic is an air dribble. You fly while tapping the ball in the air, and that keeps it up. Building off of this is the flip reset. The flip reset is when you roll your car upside down and the ball hits the bottom of your car, giving you your flip back so you can shoot the ball. Or you could flick it. A musty flick is when you roll the ball down the hood of the car and backflip, sending the ball flying. You can also hit the wall above the net and shoot after the ball bounces back to you. That is called a double tap.

There are people called freestylers who discover new mechanics and make new combinations. They also set world records for mechanics, such as the most flip resets in a row. Freestyling is very popular in pro leagues, and sometimes even in casual matches. The best place to look at freestyling is the RLCS, or Rocket League Championship Series. The players are very good freestylers, and do lots of crazy things, like the Queso save, which is a literal one pixel save, that caused the European team Team Queso to knock out an extremely popular U.S. team SpaceStation Gaming.


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