Smallest Remote Control Robot Ever

The Future for the Tiny Robots


By: Nathan Brown, Journalist

On July 10, 2022, the smallest remote-controlled robot was made by engineers from Northwestern University. These robots are about half inch wide and mostly shaped like a crab. However, there are some that are shaped like inchworms, crickets, and other insects. These little robots can move on an average half their body length per second. They can deform from one phase to another in seconds. These robots work with a controller and have laser scanning direction that helps the robot determine their walking direction.

Researchers think that these tiny robots can do useful task in small areas. Some Scientists think that in the near future these robots could be used to perform surgeries and other medical procedures. They could also be used to repair big machines. Today these small robots are about one thousand times smaller than the original micro bot so these remote-controlled robots can be used for a lot more than the original ones. However, these robots still are in the development stage and are mostly made for academic purposes and even though most of the research involves the tiny crab robots; Scientists believe that similar robots able to perform numerous functions can be created in the near future.






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