The Evolution Of AI

AI and its recent improvements


By: Charlie White, Journalist

AI has been a thing since the oldest of movies, such as the terminator and The Matrix, but what about AI in real life? Well, it exists! Scientists who made AI before and to teach it, the scientists did the dumbest thing ever; they let it onto Twitter. Within 24 hours, the AI was sexist, racist, and all kinds of phobic, so the scientists tried again; this time, they used parental restrictions to make the AI not hate almost all of human life, and to this day, it’s doing all sorts of things, making art, making stories, and impersonating fictional characters. A recent development of AI technology has recently come to light through AI can now copy the voices of President Obama, Trump, and Biden, and what does the internet do with this power? People made them gamers. It’s entertaining, but still a dangerous thing AI can do now. Let’s hope no enemies of America use AI to take it over or divide it. Let’s enjoy the stupidity of watching presidents play video games and rank stuff because it’s quite entertaining. We may have that hover car and laser gun fantasies come to life sooner than we think.


The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present & Future


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