The Gesture Glove

What is a gesture glove, and how can it help the world?


What is the Gesture Glove?

The gesture glove in simple terms, is a mouse in the shape of a glove. But instead of needing a mouse pad, it uses sensors to detect movements.

How can I build it?

It’s built by connecting flex sensors to a glove, which are connected to the MPU-6050, and an Arduino Pro Micro. The Arduino Pro Micro is connected to a computer, which has the code to make the glove work. The first step is to get All your materials, here is the list. Flex Sensor, MPU-6050, Arduino Pro Micro, Jumper Cables, Heat Shrink Tubes, Zip Ties.  decide how you want to lay out the different parts of your glove. The next step is too connect the flex sensors to the Arduino Pro Micro, by soldering them together. Finally, you want to actually program the Arduino to take the input from the flex sensors and transfer this to moving the mouse. This is how you build it, in simple terms.

How it can be useful to the world:

The Gesture Glove is merely a stepping stone to something much, much larger. It is merely a testing tool to see if we can use our appendages instead of using a mouse or keyboard. This means that, with continuous development, we could eventually change the world with this. We could help blind people see, we could allow paralyzed people to walk, and so much more.