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Climate Change Could Be Causing More Home Runs

Climate change is making the air thinner, and causing more home runs to happen.

A study by scientists from Dartmouth college in new Hampshire that studied over 100,000 major league baseball games is indicating that because the air is becoming thinner and warmer because of the raise in earth’s temperature, home runs are becoming easier. this study was taken by scientists who took into account 220,000 balls that went into play. they analyzed the data by looking at the weather conditions and found that in warmer weather, more home runs were hit. the scientist estimate that over 500 home runs since 2010 were due to global warming.

“In addition to factors such as the construction of the baseball, performance-enhancing drugs, advanced technology, analytics and player training, climate change has been raised as a potential contributor to home run trends,” the scientists wrote. The scientist believe that baseballs fly further in warm air because when air heats up, the molecules in the air move further apart, making warm air less dense making it so that there is less air resistance. this is also backed by the fact that the average temperatures in June have raised by more than 5 degrees in the past year.



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