Lions, What They Are And Some Facts About Them



By: Fares Musa, Journalist

The lion’s top speed is very underrated as its top speed is equal to that of an average car on a highway – 50 miles per hour, but it has very little stamina so it is slower on long-distance races or hunts. The lion has a bite of approximately 650-1000 psi(psi -pounds per square inch) for comparison, humans’ average bite force is 120 to 160 (psi-pounds per square inch). The main animal that the lions have to deal with are hyenas because they eat lion cubs or (sometimes) steal the lion cubs hostage and then the cubs are either able to run away or die to the hyenas. Lions are the king of the jungle, but tigers are the most aggressive big cat (surprisingly) and some lions are chill(keep in mind not all lions are calm). Fun Fact: some fossils of Lions were found to be 1.8 to 5 million years old! Nearly all species of lions live in Africa but one species of lion does not live in Africa and that is the Asiatic lion in a national park in India. Lions can (if needed) get their water from plants if there are not any remaining water sources around them. Lions are big cat along with cheetahs, tigers, leopards, cougars, snow leopards, and jaguars.

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Lions are rapidly losing their population, and maybe in the near future can be classified as *endangered and who knows? they can even go extinct far in the future.