3D Printed Rocket

Why this is important to the development of rockets



By: Declan Edwards, Journalist

On March 22nd, 2023, Relatively Space completed the first ever test flight of a 3D printed rocket. They were extremely pleased with the results. While it did not make it to space, it did fly to 125 miles high, and for the first 3D printed rocket ever, that is very successful. Despite the way the rocket is built, it looks like every other rocket standing at 110 feet tall and 7.5 feet in diameter. 85% of the rocket’s mass was 3D printed. The only parts that were not 3D printed were the computing systems, electronics, and fasteners. The company is hoping to achieve 95% of the rocket 3D printed. This rocket is also the biggest 3D printed structure. While it was their most successful attempt, it was not entirely successful and may not be the company’s showcased item. If the company does not make progress soon, they may flunk, and we might have to wait another year or two to find a successful 3D printed rocket launch. 3D printing the rocket has its advantages such as less labor and there is also money involved in creating the rocket. It will reduce assembly line times because most of the parts should just click together. The reason that the rocket failed is because the bottom half did not propel the top half of the rocket very much meaning the rocket could not reach earth’s orbit.


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