The Functionalities Of Cryonics

Does Freezing Your Body Allow You To Be Revived In The Future


By: Evan Nghe, Journalist

Cryonics is the study of preserving bodies once they die and hopefully being able to revive them in the future.

The first person who ever tried to use cryogenics to effect his death was James Bedford. Bedford died on January 12, 1967. However, before his death he had a plan. He wanted to be frozen when he died. The idea behind it was that eventually in the future, there will be a medicine that could cure anything or cure death.

For this to be possible, we would need to preserve the person’s organs and body, to then later be revived in the future. To learn the principles of cryonics, we must explore the field of cryobiology, the study of production and effects to organisms under the influence of cold temperatures. Once temperatures reach below 130 degrees celsius, human cells completely stop functioning. If we were able to do thing without harming the body, we would be able to preserve humans.

So how do we do this without harming the body? Cyro Biologists today are still trying to improve and fix this problem. One technique that scientists have been trying to utilize is vitrification. Vitrification uses CPA (Cryo Protectant Agents) to stop the freezing and developing of ice. CPA is influenced by many things, some of which, from natural organisms. However, the more water the cell has, the harder it is to manage. Eventually when we have to freeze bodies with lots of water and complex structures, vitrification might be hard to execute.

Sadly, cryonics ultimately don’t work as of now. All cryonics can do for now is freeze your body and cause harm. Not only is it harmful, if humanity some how finds a cure to everything and can save you, there will still be a lot of undeclared rules, laws, and policies that will have to be dealt with.


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Take Action:

  • Due to cryonics not working, if you know someone who wants to try it, prevent them from doing it
  • Study it and maybe you can find something yourself
  • Find a cure for everything, who knows, maybe you can be the one