Minecraft Education Edition for Schools


By: Arda Dogan

You probably know Minecraft. It is a popular sandbox video game made in 2009. It currently has millions of players worldwide. Minecraft is available on multiple platforms like IOS, PC, XBOX and more! But have you ever heard of Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition is an education version of Minecraft desgined for classroom use. It lets a teacher create a Minecraft world just intended for teaching. The teacher can place interactive characters, blackboards, notebooks and more to the world. Students can work together in pairs or groups simply by joining their classmates’ world. The game also provides a camera and a portfolio where you can add screenshots from your world.

The gaming experience is the same, which means if you’ve played Minecraft before, you will have no problem learning the platform. You will get some new blocks though, like the border block which lets the teacher to set a border in the world, so the students can’t escape from the classroom environment.


Minecraft Education Edition demonstration video:

A new update has been made to the Minecraft Education Edition recently: The chemistry update              The chemistry update adds a lab, an element constructor and a compound creator.

Source: Gamepedia
Picture of the element consturctor

This relates to engineering because these are the kinds of things engineers have to learn, and it took engineers to make this software. Maybe someday, this will be used to train engineers!