What Is The Number One Cause Of Plane Crashes

What are the top causes of plane crashes around the world.



By: Declan Edwards, Journalist

The number one cause of plane crashes is pilot error. There are all kinds of things that need to be considered for a pilot to succeed at his job for example he needs to be able to maintain proper fuel levels, he also needs to be able to utilize features like the de-icing feature. Pilots also need to be able to follow instructions from follow instruction from aircraft control.  He also must maintain proper speed and altitude. Pilot error is not only number one though it is approximately responsible for  53%. but the majority of the errors that pilots make are when they misread the gauges or misjudge the weather or fail to address mechanical failure.

The number two cause of plane crashes is a debate between flight crew error and mechanical errors but the majority of the cities are saying mechanical error. mechanical errors are responsible for 22% or plane crashes. While it is possible to have defective parts it is rare the main cause is bad or sloppy maintenance and maintenance logs.  The main reason for mechanical errors is bad preflight inspection. while a preflight inspection is required for airliners it is not required for small aircraft such as the Cessna 172. small airplanes also have a higher chance of part defects because of the lack of regulations on the equipment.

The third cause of plane crashes is weather. Weather is responsible for 12% of plane crashes. Summer is the most dangerous season to be flying when looking at weather because thunder storms are more unpredictable and form faster and move faster. Thunder storms effect both small and large aircraft but small are more exposed to the effects of thunderstorms.







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