Which Nintendo Console Is The Best?

Is it the new or the old NIntendo consoles?


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By: Rohan Telhan, Journalist

There have been many Nintendo Gaming systems over the years such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that came out in 1986, the GameBoy that came out in 1989, the Super Nintendo that came out in 1992, the Nintendo 64 which came out in 1996, then the GameCube and GameBoy Advanced arrived came in 2001. The Nintendo DS was next and came out in 2004. Then the Wii system came out in 2006; followed by the Wii U which came out in 2012. The newest console by Nintendo is the Nintendo Switch which was released to the public in 2017.

Some people might say that the newest console is the best console, however, if we go by the time frame based on the games and controller when the console was released; the best Nintendo system is the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo had games such as Legends Of Zelda, Super Mario World, and Final Fantasy VI just to name a few.  The controller for the Super Nintendo introduced a smoother texture for your hands so it fits more comfortably. This controller introduced back buttons for your pointer fingers as well as the button that we still use today the “X” and “Y” buttons. The Super Nintendo also had the best 2d graphics because compared to the PlayStation or Sony’s console at the time, the Super Nintendo had the best experience. During the NES’s time when the first Nintendo console was released it only had 2 kilobytes of RAM (random-access memory), the Super Nintendo had 64 times the amount of RAM than the NES had (the Super Nintendo had 128 kilobytes of RAM).

In terms of comparing graphics and the number of sales that a console has gotten, then the Nintendo Switch is the best. The Nintendo Switch is the newest console that Nintendo has produced. The Nintendo Switch has sold over 122 million consoles compared to the Super Nintendo which only sold 49 million consoles by 2022. The Nintendo Switch also has more RAM at 740,000 kilobytes or 4 Gigabytes.

Depending on what standards you have with the games, controllers, and the time frame in which the console came out; you should try the Super Nintendo. However, if you want to compare the graphics and sales then you should try the Nintendo Switch.

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