Geoengineering, A Possible Solution

The Effectiveness of Geoengineering

Geoengineering, A Possible Solution

By: Arnav Choudhary, Journalist

One of the biggest problems that Humanity has created is Climate Change. While we aren’t going to fix this anytime soon we are trying and one of the results of those efforts has been Geoengineering. Geoengineering is a technology sector that revolves on manipulating the environment to try to stop but really just slows down the devastation and extinction caused by environmental problems that we have created.

Geoengineering can be split into two different categories the first of which is Carbon Geoengineering. As you may know climate change is caused by humans amalgamating carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon Geoengineering is centered around the idea that humans can use engineering to remove least some of this carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon levels can be lowered in many different

ways. Some ways to naturally do this are to simply plant more trees with the use of drones or to fertilize the ocean, adding nutrients to the ocean accelerating its withdrawal of carbon from the atmosphere. Their are also a bit more mechanical approaches such as Ambient Air Capture, using large machines with the ability to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transport it to another location.

The second type of Geoengineering is known as Solar Geoengineering. Unlike its counterpart it has absolutely nothing to do with the carbon in the atmosphere instead focused around reflected fraction of sunlight back into space. Many say that despite not addressing the root problem Solar Geoengineering shows a greater deal of promise then Carbon Geoengineering.  There are several methods one of which is to use space based technology involving solar mirrors to reflect back sunlight. It has also been mentioned that it is possible to ca

use the thinning of cirrus clouds, high altitude clouds that prevent solar radiation from leaving the planet. Fin

ally one of the most plausible methods is to release stratospheric aerosols into the atmosphere. Due to these particles being reflective they could launch some radiation back into space. According to Harvard University  if solar Geoengineering is done properly it could be more effective then cutting our emission into a third of what they are now.

So, in conclusion while many agree that geogineering isn’t a permanent solution to climate change it can give us many more years to engineer more clever and effective methods. While climate change is a strong opponent Humanity hasn’t given up on the planet yet.

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