How Tesla’s Aero Wheel Covers Greatly Improve Efficiency

The secret behind these weird wheel covers


By: Nathan Cha, Journalist

For $100, anyone can increase their car’s aerodynamic air drag by ten percent, therefore increasing the car’s miles per gallon (MPG). This can be done with Tesla’s Aero Wheel Caps. These wheel caps were first introduced in 2017 with their Model 3 sedan. They were first disliked by the Tesla community due to their cheap and unattractive looks, but their opinion changed once they realized what the wheel caps could do.

The wheels can increase the car’s efficiency due to their flat, smooth surface, which keeps the airflow away from the wheels. This is accomplished by the design, which is flush with the tire. In traditional wheels, air enters the wheel barrel and creates drag. Aerodynamic wheels prevent the air from passing by them and instead urge it to do so.

Of course, the caps have some downsides. A common problem with them is that they can get damaged easily. Since these wheel caps are placed on top of the wheels, they are more susceptible to curb damage. Another problem Aero Wheel Cap owners have is poor installation, which can cause the wheel caps to rattle and fall off. Currently, the Aero Wheel Caps are exclusively available with the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

In conclusion, the Tesla Aero Wheel Caps are a semi-affordable and efficient way to drastically improve the output of the Tesla’s wheels. If you do have a Tesla in your possession, I would highly encourage that you purchase this extension and enjoy the ride of your Tesla to its fullest.

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