US Develops AI-Powered Facial Recognition Tech for Military Robot Drones

The United State Military Makes AI Drones for Operations

By: Walker McCann, Journalist

Facial Recognition Drone

Recently, facial recognition technology for drones has been developed by the US Air Force. The drones will be used by special operations personnel for gathering intelligence and for oversea missions and other operations, according to a deal between the Seattle-based company RealNetworks and Department of Defense (DoD). This agreement with the DoD and RealNetworks is valued at $800,000 and makes it possible for the drones to fly by themselves and use the machine learning capabilities and identify human faces.

“The U.S. Air Force has completed a project to develop face recognition software for autonomous drones, sparking concerns that individuals could be targeted and killed.” New Scientist announced on February 22nd.

RealNetworks assures this will be used for search operations, rescue missions, and security. They claim it is “opening the opportunity for real-time autonomous response by the robot”.

Worries of targeted assassinations 

As technology develops, these drones have been catching more attention. These drones are getting rid of the important human element of deploying lethal force, according to some military experts who are saying they reduce losses by putting fewer soldiers in the field. But, there is worries that these drones will people used to target people and carry out killings. There are many questions concerning the ethnicity and legality of using face recognition AI on dangerous military drones.


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