Carv: The Future Of Ski Coaches

Improving your ski form in a nutshell


By: Yash Kini, Journalist


Welcome to the future of ski coaches! Your carving adventure starts here. Private lessons are always great, but the prices vary for each region. With Carv, your personalized ski coach can be brought on all trips! Just attach the device to your boot, and real-time feedback will be provided after every run.

How does it work?

Carv fixes your form by gathering data on your balance and your movement on the slopes and sending it to an app on your phone. Through 72 pressure sensors with nine-axis motion, you will never be disappointed with the helpful feedback that Carv provides.

How do you use it?

Under related stories, you can buy Carv by clicking on the first two links provided. At only $150 ($200 a year for the app), Carv will help you all through your skiing career. Carv can fit onto any ski boot, which saves you the money to by an entire new ski boot.

Why should you buy it?

Carv gives all the perks of a ski coach in one attachable pod. The tips given to you by Carv will refine your ski form and always give you new things to learn. Buying Carv will be one of the smartest financial decisions in your whole life. To change things up, Carv has three modes: Free ski, Training, and Challenge. These three modes will always provide something new and fun to try, to make your ski experience as enjoyable as possible.



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