How To Kick A Field Goal Like A Pro: 3 Tips To Kick The Ball Through Those Posts

Pro tips on how to kick a perfect field goal


Field Goal photo from Unsplash

By: Elizabeth Shoop, Journalist

Justin Tucker. Matt Prater. Harrison Butker. These are some of the greatest NFL kickers of all time. Have you ever wanted to try and kick a field goal like them, but don’t know how? Here are some tips to get you started.

Number 1: Acquire the Right Equipment

Before you even start kicking, you need to get the right equipment. Here are some good stores and brands to get you started:

A: Nike has good cleats. They are expensive, but worth it.

B: Dick’s Sporting Goods have great equipment such as kicking tees, protection pads, and helmets.

C: Sports Unlimited is an online-only version of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Number 2: Get the Formation

Kicking a field goal is harder than it looks. In order to get it through the goal post, you have to set up your feet in a certain way.

First, run into the football with your kicking foot angled and your plant leg as straight as possible. Next, you want to hit the ball with the bone in the middle of your foot. This position will not cause pain in your foot. Finally, make your foot hit the ball 2.2 inches above the bottom of the football. Multiple studies have found kicking from this area creates the best angle for the ball and makes kicking long field goals easier.

Number 3: Angle the Football

Angling the football is another important part of kicking. As you saw in the last tip, the best place to kick is 2.2 inches above the bottom.

The best place to kick is not the only thing you need to do to angle it correctly. Getting the right amount of power is critical too. The right amount depends on the distance from the goal. An equation you can use is KElin = (1/2)mv^2, where KElin = Linear Kinetic Energy, m = Kicker’s Mass, and v = Velocity of the Kicker’s Straight Line.


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