If The Earth Spun Faster

How the Earth spinning faster might affect us



Photo by NASA on Unsplash

By: Hibba Abbas, Journalist

The Earth… a small but mighty planet! But what would happen if it spun faster? You might think that not much would happen, but oh you are so wrong.

Disaster after disaster would happen. First and most obvious the days would get shorter. If we just increased the speed by 1mph we would be one and a half minute shorter. I know that doesn’t seem like that much but the record for the shortest day was June 29, 22 with just about 1.6 milliseconds under 24 hours, that was the shortest day ever recorded.  

Second of all, water will cover the land. Let’s take our example again and bring the speed up by 1 mph, the water around the equator would get deeper in a matter of days. Now let’s say the earth was spinning 100 mph faster than usual. The equator would begin drowning and the places around the equator would be underwater. 

Third, Natural disasters would be bigger and destroy more. Let’s say we increase the mph by a lot and bring it up to 24,000 mph. The earth would be a DISASTER. The whole earth’s crust would start to move positions triggering massive earthquakes. The poles would also flatten. Just for reference the earth spins at about 1,000 mph. 

And last but not least, Satellites. What do satellites have to do with earth moving faster? Well just think about it, If the earth spun faster the satellites would be out of place because they are made to spin at the same speed as the earth’s rotation. Because of this the data could be messed up and it could affect some things such as broadcasting.  

So in conclusion, the earth spinning faster would affect us a lot, but you might not realize it at first.









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