Machu Picchu

The Peak of Inca Engineering

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By: Thomas Ahern, Journalist

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, is a 500 year old Inca city hidden high up in the mountains of Peru. It is an incredible feat of engineering, as it is still in good shape despite being on the line of two tectonic plates, causing it  to earthquakes. These earthquakes barely shake the city, however, as the near perfection of each brick allows them to easily slide back into place if dislocated. While we know where it is, the purpose of this location remains a mystery, but we do have a bit of a lead that it was either a retreat for nobles or a place of worship. I doubt anybody would be praying every day, though, as it is a 4-day trek up the mountain to reach Machu Picchu. While very few understand the why or the how of Machu Picchu, they can still understand how impressive this architectural marvel really was.

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