Fast Food Secret Menues

The history of secret menus in fast food.


By: Tyler Heironimus, Journalist

Most fast food restaurants these days have “secret menus”. These menus have caused tons of consumers to search the internet to unearth them all with websites dedicated to finding them. The reason for these is that fast food restaurants have to keep consumers coming back because they feel like they insiders on the brand.

First, let’s talk about why fast food restaurants have secret menus. The truth is, these menus aren’t actually secrets at all. They’re more like unadvertised options that are only known to people in the know. Fast food chains create these menus as a way to offer something special to their most loyal customers, as well as to create buzz and excitement around their brand. Secret menus are also a way for fast food chains to test out new menu items without committing to adding them to the regular menu.

So, what kind of items can you find on these secret menus? Well, the options vary depending on the restaurant. Here are a few examples:

  1. In-N-Out Burger: This West Coast favorite has a well-known secret menu. One popular item is the “Animal Style” burger, which includes grilled onions, extra sauce, and mustard cooked into the patty. You can also order fries “Animal Style,” which adds cheese, grilled onions, and Thousand Island dressing.
  2. Starbucks: The coffee giant has a secret menu that includes a variety of drinks, such as the “Butterbeer Frappuccino” (inspired by Harry Potter) and the “Pink Drink” (strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk).
  3. Chipotle: This Mexican chain has a secret menu item called the “Quesarito,” which is a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla.
  4. McDonald’s: The world’s largest fast food chain has a secret menu that includes items like the “McBrunch Burger,” combining Egg, Jalapenos, Hashbrowns, and cheese piled high on a burger. And the “Land, Sea, and Air Burger” (a combination of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken).
  5. Jamba Juice: The smoothie chain has a secret menu with a variety of smoothie and juice options, such as the “White Gummi Bear” (peach, mango, and raspberry flavors) and the “Pink Starburst” (strawberry, raspberry, and lemonade).

It’s worth noting that not all fast food chains have secret menus, and even those that do may not advertise them. So, how can you access these hidden items? The easiest way is to do a quick online search for the restaurant and the words “secret menu.” You’ll likely find a variety of fan-created websites and social media accounts dedicated to sharing the latest secret menu items.

In conclusion, secret fast food menus are a fun and exciting way to try something new at your favorite fast food chains. From the “Animal Style” burger at In-N-Out to the “Quesarito” at Chipotle, these unadvertised menu items offer a unique twist on classic fast food favorites. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some fast food, consider checking out the secret menu for a special treat