How Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect You

And Why You Should Quit


Photo by Steven Pahel on Unsplash

By: Evan Nghe, "Journalist"

Many people smoke even though smoking is incredibly unhealthy. Smoking can have many negative effects on your health and lungs and can destroy your body. Smoking leaves a tar/goo-like substance in your lungs that is not only incredibly dirty but also unhealthy.


People can easily get addicted to smoking due to the many addictive chemicals that are in a cigarette. As stated in the Ted-Ed video, there are over 5,000 chemicals that get inhaled with every smoke. These chemicals build up as tar and decay in your mouth. As you smoke more, the smoke will start to get into places like your lungs and toxifies them.


After quitting cigarettes, your heart rate and blood pressure will quickly return to normal. The levels of Carbon Monoxide inside your body will decrease after around 12 hours. After about a month, your lungs will start becoming more healthy and start recovering. After a year, your chance of heart disease reduces by 50%. As time goes by your heart and lungs will recover more and more.


If you smoke, it is best for you to quit. If you don’t smoke, that’s good and it should stay that way.


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                                          Take Action (ways you can quit)

  • Not buying any cigarettes
  • Try nicotine replacement therapy
  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW(1-800-784-8669)
  • There are many other ways to quit smoking