All New E-Bandages Will Change Wound Healing Forever

The future of wound healing

Photo by Cliff Booth:

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist

A new kind of bandage has been popping up in the news recently. This is the E-bandage. The E-Bandage is special because it is an electrotherapy bandage that safely dissolves all by itself when your wound is healed. Doctors have tried various other alternatives to the standard bandage but they have not found an effective solution until now. Studies made by northwestern scientists show that this bandage can heal up to 30% faster than they usually do.

How it Works

You may be thinking that this kind of bandage might be very inconvenient to wear because of how clunky it might be but this is not the case. The bandage is powered by a nanogenerator that is made of overlapping sheets of different foils and materials. The nanogenerator converts slight skin movements from things like breathing and small electrical pulses into power. The bandage heals your wound by generating an electric field around it. The electric field makes the skin’s healing time decrease dramatically. You can control the bandage if you have a certain difficulty with the way that the bandage works. If you use this, you will probably notice a longer healing time because the way that this works is preset to have the best settings.

Future of the E-Bandage

From what researchers have observed, it seems like E Bandages are going to be used for diabetes as they come into the medical world. For most people, nerve damage caused by diabetes can turn into other medical issues like foot ulcers. Foot ulcers are wounds that don’t heal or take a very long time to heal. Researchers have looked at electrical stimulation and found that it is a very good option for these foot ulcers.


I think that these e-bandages are very good for the world as we get into a more electric-based society. It will be fantastic to see a small box of e-bandages at the grocery store. This will improve the medical world forever.