What are Electrical Capacitors



By: Darwin Hernandez, journalist

Electric capacitors are used to store electric energy in a circuit. In a circuit the capacitors stores energy where if the electrical charge is interrupted the electrical charge in the capacitors will keep the circuit running until the capacitor runs out of a electrical charge. There’s many sizes of capacitors that can store many different amount of electrical charges.

Capacitors - Stock Image - F022/3800 - Science Photo LibraryThese are different types of capacitors that can all hold different amounts of electrical charge.

The first capacitor was made in the 1746 by Pieter van Musschenbroek. the first capacitor was called a Leyden Jar and its a glass jar that is wrapped inside with metal foil its also wrapped on the outside with metal foil.

A diagram of a Leyden Jars parts:

Capacitor - Custom Control TechnologiesCapacitors - Engineering and Technology History WikiLeyden Jar is the oldest form of a capacitor but wasn’t the most affective form of a capacitor. Through the years many electrical engineers have improved the original designer.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4EUwTwZ110  —–> Some info from this video


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