Living Off the Grid With a Tesla….Semi-Truck

Traveling in luxury while being sustainable just got even better

Source: Used under Creative Commons License

By: Namish Gupta, Journalist

By now, everyone has heard of the Tesla event that happened about a week ago, focusing on a concept introduced by Tesla a couple years ago: The Tesla Semi Truck. This truck is supposed to be revolutionary, due to multiple features that make drivers’ job easier, such as a large cabin space enough to stand up, 2 displays, cameras covering blind spots, being all electric (obviously, considering it’s from Tesla)  and more! However, with this new line of vehicles, there have also been those who look to repurpose these trucks, like making them into RV’s.

Unplugging and getting off of the grid can be an amazing way to vent and destress from the toils of life. However, there aren’t always ways to do so sustainably and without stopping to fill up. Therefore, with the Tesla Semi truck, a company called Jowua, a manufacturer of interior accessories, was one of those who wanted to create a model what Tesla Semi RV could look like.

Source: Used under Creative Commons License

What’s so exciting about this, is that it’s perfect for a hardcore traveler. This electric RV could have the capability to charge using solar panels while driving, and combined with its large battery, this could be the perfect sustainable device. Furthermore, autopilot features are included in the semi itself, allowing for more relaxed driving on long, empty highways and stretches of road.

The Winnebago Electric RV. Source: promotional photo

Telsa even did a demonstration of the Semi, where it towed a trailer weighing about 81,000 pounds for more than 500 miles on a single charge. Considering how the average trailer weight is 1,900 pounds, the possibilities for the distance that the vehicle can travel skyrockets. This is outstanding compared to other electric motorhomes in the market like Winnebago Industries’ “e-RV”, which only has 125 miles of range.

The Tesla Semi truck is an amazing new vehicle and has limitless possibilities for its application. While this concept is revolutionary and will most likely get a lot of attention and support (not that it hasn’t already) it is still just that, a concept. However, with some diligence, funding, and a possible collaboration with Tesla, the Tesla Semi RV may be coming to the market sooner than you think.

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