Up Up and Away! … On a Motorcycle???

Flying Cars Are a Thing of the Past…



By: Namish Gupta, Journalist

The idea for flying cars and taxis has been around for years, and although we’ve seen prototypes and experimental designs, there is nothing that is currently available, or at least what we desired. However, a French company called Lazareth is working to make our dreams a reality.

Image Source: Lazareth.fr promotional photo

The LMV 496 – “La moto volante” or  “The flying motorcycle” in English, is precisely that: A motorcycle that can fly. This motorcycle turns into a quadcopter in under 60 seconds and can be ready to fly with a flip of a switch on the dashboard. In fact, there’s a whole flight panel that, according to Lazareth, “returns flight information directly to the pilot. (speed, altitude, position, turbine rpm…)” This means that for the 10 minutes of flight it gets, it can be used just like a real aerial vehicle.



Image Source: Lazareth.fr promotional photo

On that note, let’s talk about power. In road or motorcycle form, the vehicle is, surprisingly, electric. It has a range of 100 kilometers, or 62 miles, on a single charge. When in flight mode, it uses 4 turbines to provide 1,300 horsepower each, generating 2800N (Newtons) of thrust. What’s interesting, is that flight mode and motorcycle mode use different power sources, the latter using electric power and the former using kerosene.

Image Source: Lazareth.fr promotional photo

While other concepts and ideas related to flying cars and commercial vehicles have barely reached the prototyping stage, Lazareth has gone beyond that to create a vehicle that can not only fly but drive on roads sustainably! While there is no doubt that this revolutionary technology is amazing, especially considering it’s available for purchase, the price may throw some off, as it’s sold at $500,000 US dollars. However, if you have the money, prepare to be amazed.

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