False Awakenings

False Awakenings are when you are stuck in a dream loop.


By: Cynthia Sanchez Zambrano, Journalist

False Awakenings are when you feel like as if your trapped in your dream and your aware about it and they can be hard to wake yourself from. False awakening dreams can happen in a loop and can be really realistic so when they happen, it can feel as though you’re actually stuck in a dream. Its a very scary experience because you feel like you cant move or wake up and it loops. You might think your awake but a few minutes later you actually realize that your still dreaming. False awakenings usually occur during rapid eye movement. False awakenings are typically realistic. You may believe you have woken up in your own bedroom, or that you are in another familiar place such as your school or workplace. The setting may be identical to real life or there may be small details that are different, such as odd shadows, lights that do not turn on, or doors that do not lead where they are supposed to lead or things you’ve had in the past that you remember. It is often not until later that you realize you are dreaming.


When you are having a false awakening it feels like you have woken up and when you realize it you try to wake up, then it seems like you woke up again but your actually still asleep this is called a loop, most people start to freak out at this point but they do wake up at some point. After having that experience they don’t want to go to sleep again.  experts do not believe they are harmful. But, like other events that happen on the threshold between wake and sleep, false awakenings may sometimes provoke fear, unease or anxiety. During a false awakening, you may have an out-of-body experience or feel as if a presence in the room. Earlier sleep researchers classified these ominous experiences as type 2 false awakenings, as opposed to the more neutral type 1 false awakenings.

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