Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen Car


By: Logan Xavier Lee, Journalist

How It Works

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, it is found in planets stars and many other places. So how can we get all of this hydrogen? We can extract it from water, methane, and in other liquids, solids or gasses. How does hydrogen power a car? Hydrogen is touched with oxygen in a fuel cell, and the reaction produces electricity, heat, and water. The electricity and heat can be used to power the car, so the only waste element is water. This approach creates power without producing CO2 or other harmful byproducts, and is a great renewable energy source.

 Why and how it is better

These cars are very quiet, and fuel efficient, they can drive about 300 to 400 miles, and can be refilled just as fast as a conventional car. Though it is more expensive to buy one, they are cheaper to maintain and have low maintenance.

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