Most Abundant Fish In The Ocean

The most abundant fish in the ocean may not be what you think.

By: James Crowley, Journalist

The Tan bristlemouth/Lightfishes is a small deep-sea fish that lives in the deeper parts open ocean. Together, the bristlemouth fishes are considered by scientists to be the most abundant vertebrates on Earth. The Bristlemouths diet consists of smaller fish and crustaceans. There are over 32 species of bristlemouth in the whole world. the bristlemouth’s size is not the biggest in the ocean But not the smallest it measures about two inches in length. Bristlemouth are not eaten by humans and there eaten by dragonfish and fangtooth. The bristlemouth lives in Twilight zone Bristlemouths have very small eyes that in the dim habitat seemed to play little or no role in finding prey.



Tan Bristlemouth

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